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M Flash will not boot: Information

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User dbmacgregor_882
Incident Number 98577
Date 2007/03/24 02:20
Status Incident created
Paid No

Product Mandriva Flash
Architecture x86_32
Scope Installation

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dbmacgregor_882 : 24/03/07 02:20 AM : Incident created
-   Seems like BIOS problem. With Mandriva Flash present, machine hangs in boot process.
This is not a USB pendrive issue; a copy to an SD card produced the same result. The motherboard never gets as far as even trying to boot anything; it just hangs.
A USB pendrive with Damn Small Linux boots from USB without problem.
It appears to be related to the fact there are two logical drives on the Flash USB. Could it be

This is all avoided by booting from the CD.

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