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KDE Desktop with Nvidia broken

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User aewhale_(AEWHC2-9105
Incident Number 98576
Date 2007/03/23 16:45
Status Incident closed
Paid Yes

Product Mandriva Linux 2007.0
Architecture x86_32
Scope Installation

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aewhale_(AEWHC2-9105 : 23/03/07 04:45 PM : Incident created
-   I had been running the Mandriva 2006 Server with my computer just fine. I recently upgraded to Mandriva 2007 and had the desktop blowup. I mean that the window controls are gone and the page does not save the number of dsktops if you attempt to change them.

Any suggestions dhort of using my Hammer?


Souza_6737 : 26/03/07 04:57 PM : Reply received
-   Hello Sir,

Are you trying to use the 3D desktop? Try to disable it, open a terminal
console as root and type:

[ root@localhost ]# drak3d

Choose to disable 3D support and restart the system.

Best Regards

Tiago Souza


aewhale_(AEWHC2-9105 : 10/04/07 02:19 PM : More info requested
-   This did not work on the 2007 installation. I have reverted to the CS4
install, and it is working.


Souza_6737 : 10/04/07 04:52 PM : More info provided
-   Hello Sir,

Ok, so you are going to remain with CS4 for now?

Best Regards

Tiago Souza


aewhale_(AEWHC2-9105 : 10/04/07 05:16 PM : More info requested
-   yes, thank you. CS4 is working,m 2007 does not.


Souza_6737 : 11/04/07 04:21 PM : Incident closed
-   Hello Sir,

Ok I will be closing the incident then. Just note that if you ever want to
try to do it again, you might consider trying it with a new user, some user
settings from different versions might have caused the problem.

Best Regards

Tiago Souza

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